In Viviana Greco religious,

social and geographical diversity coexist.

Visiting Paraná, she looks back on her modeling career that opened the doors to the world. Its changes and spiritual discovery.

With a fluid conversation and enriched by her work as a model, television presenter, journalist and citizen of the world, Viviana Greco visited the UNO Newsroom during her stay in Paraná, where she arrived to spend the holidays with her mother and tour the city that saw her be born.

In the 90s she started as a model because her interest was to travel. "At 18 I was doing something fashionable here but when I won the Miss Punta del Este pageant, I took off. A new start for a new life. I left Paraná for a long time, first to Paris to work as a model and then I settled in Italy. It was not my goal but it was the possibility that I had to know the world. In that modeling job I saw an opportunity. I met many people which helped me to change course later. I did not want to stay only pigeonholed in modeling, so I studied dramatic art in Rome and from there other things began to emerge, such as Domenica Sport and Quelli Che il Calcio on RAI 2 (the second television channel of the Italian public RAI corporation)".

After Paris, I lived in Italy. I was also in the United States and went to work in Tokyo when I was 20 years old. Also, I did productions in Thailand and Indonesia. In each place where I lived, I was able to learn a lot of things. I am very curious and I think you have to have goals. That's what it's all about, doing things and perfecting yourself where life allows you.

Currently she is based in Madrid where she works on a multimedia platform such as Click Radio TV where she has two programs.

"There is no large or small media outlet, everything is global. The news is generated by everyone," she explains to describe her work present that has her in charge of Il Salotto, a program in Italian for Italians around the world, directed made by her and her partner Mavi Felli.

"Il Salotto gives me joy, it is more magazine. We interview Italians in Madrid, we talk about their profession, about music, why they are in Spain, about cinema. When I meet a person it is a world, with each one we could make one film. It is a program for a community in Italy that is distributed by all countries, from Moscow, Argentina and in any corner of the earth".

She lived in Paris, Milan, Rome. "I love Europe, because I like art. Know the museums. The world has beautiful places to discover".

And those discoveries also led her on a spiritual quest that was connected via radio.

"I learn a lot from the people I interview at this time. In Conexión Axial I learned a lot from the Universidad de la Mística, which is Cites (Centro Internacional Teresiano Sanjuanista), located in Avila (Spain). It is the university of Santa Teresa that was Doctor of the Church and Saint John of the Cross. There they talk about theology and it is the only university in the world that is intercultural and interreligious, because there they not only talk about the Catholic religion, but they range from Buddhists, to Islamic, to Jews. They have an opening and create bridges - as Pope Francis says - and not walls. They are very ecumenical. I also interviewed Renzo Lavatori the most important angelologist who is Italian, a dogmatic theologian from the Pontifical University, who has been studying since 1964. the angels, he is also a demonologist. Everything has aroused my interest and makes me grow".

Have you always been a religious?

I am a former student of the Cristo Redentor school and I come from a Catholic family, but it has been a few years ago that a process of spiritual search began. I wanted to do something that had to do with faith and not so much the religious institution itself. I want to know and I started doing retreats and I am in that evolution, I am in that change. One is never always the same. It is not the same to be 20 as 30 and 40 years old. You want different things.

What about affections and distance?

With my family we have a group where we put photos and moments that we live. Before when I arrived in Paris, I was alone, with telephones and communications that were very expensive and letters that took weeks, months to arrive. Now everything changed, whatsapp, social networks, everything is instantly. I am very active on my Instagram @vivianagrecoo and my website www.vivianagreco.com where you can read my career and also buy. Everything helps me to be closer to the people I love. Now during my stay in Paraná I will take the opportunity to walk along the Costanera, I also went to a pool, to a friend's to do Pilates, something different every day. I have invitations for the summer. Because we do networking with the media that do other programs. I'm going to Mar del Plata, I'll also go through Buenos Aires, they even invited me from Italian communities in Paraguay. The key to the media is to unite, do shared jobs, and that's what I'm doing".

While she rests in Paraná, she takes the opportunity to conduct interviews for her platform. One of them was with Father Walter Minigutti from the Santo Domingo Savio parish community with whom he spoke about Advent and Christmas. She also visited Marta Goyri's program in Santa Fe where she was interviewed. On radio La Red she felt very comfortable during the interview with Mauro Meyer.

Her extensive career -which began in the 90's- has a compilation on her website where in addition to seeing magazine covers, brands for which she modeled or made advertisements, you can see videos of her roles as an actress in various films, music videos and also summaries of interviews with soccer players for Italian sports programs.

Interview by Dina Puntin for Uno Entre Rios.

Sunday 05 January 2020