Viviana Greco

Viviana Greco presents from Europe a series of interviews with personalities of Argentine culture

The Argentine journalist Viviana Greco presents every week from Europe a series of interviews dedicated to the dissemination of the work of personalities from the world of Argentine music and culture, residing abroad. Since its first broadcast in September 2020, more than 50 Argentine artists who have become authentic ambassadors and who live in different parts of the world spread over 5 continents, have been interviewed by Viviana in her program "Canción Argentina por el Mundo" Radio and Television which it can be seen and heard every Wednesday at 12 in Argentina through


Argentine journalist specializing in digital and social media (currently residing in Rome, Italy), Viviana has been conducting "Conexion Axial" with Ricardo Martín for 3 years, a program on spirituality, physical and mental well-being, religion and harmony which is broadcast by Clickradio TV of Madrid (Spain) and is also broadcast on an important FM in the Spanish capital. Viviana Greco is also the director and presenter of the "Universo Cupido" program, dedicated to romantic music in Italian and Spanish which is broadcast simultaneously in Italy and Spain.
In Italy, Viviana worked at RAI as a sports journalist in the cycles: "Quelli che il Calcio" and "Domenica Sportiva", while in Spain she participated in the cycle "Estudio Estadio", a program broadcast by RTVE (Spanish radio and television).
Parallel to her career as a media journalist, she also developed a job in the cinema, participating in 3 films.


Canción Argentina Radio y Televisión is a talk show aimed at disseminating the work of Argentine artists who have become true ambassadors of Argentine music and culture abroad in the 5 continents. More than 50 Argentine artists residing in different parts of the world and who are a real pride carrying the Argentine flag and culture aloft were interviewed in the cycle.
Some of the most notable personalities who have gone through the cycle to date are:
Juan Esteban Cuacci (Son of the director and arranger Juan Carlos Cuacci and of the singer and actress Inés Rinaldi, and grandson of the famous Susana Rinaldi). Argentine musician living in Madrid, Spain.
Tito Dávila, musician and music producer recognized for his work with Los Enanitos Verdes, who lives in Madrid, Spain.
Marina Cedro, Argentine singer, pianist and composer based in Paris, France.
Florencia Aragón, actress and singer based in Madrid, Spain.
Irina Casali (daughter of Renzo Casali, actor, director, playwright), who runs a theater school in Milan, Italy.

María Cangiano, singer initiated into opera who interprets classic and contemporary tango, currently living in Madrid, Spain.
Roberto Rutigliano, jazz drummer member of the Afro Coltrane band, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Lily Dahab, singer born in Buenos Aires and currently living in Berlin, Germany, after living in Madrid and Barcelona for nearly a decade.
Mariela Marcó, recognized as one of the most original representatives of vocal tango music of her generation, currently living in New York (USA).
Fabián Cardozo, a young guitarist from Tucumán who gives concerts with various chamber music groups and as a soloist with orchestras. He has received 9 international awards and currently resides in Basel, Switzerland.


Article published on the QUINTO ELEMENTO website

May 10, 2021.