Mar Cano, on women's heads.

Mar is a Spanish designer born in Córdoba (Spain), lives in Granada, is currently successful in the design of hats, headdresses and accessories, has created several models for Queen Sofia.

Mar Cano began planning following the separation from her husband, where she became aware that her life was not only sentimentally divided, but also at work. "We had a show production company in common, so I had to reinvent myself and I followed my passion by opening an accessories shop, buying from suppliers, until I realized that everyone was doing the same", begins Mar in an exclusive interview with Mujeres Divinas. "I traveled to Europe for fairs in Paris, London and Milan, all the designers copied, made more or less similar models, so I decided it was time to create my collection", he adds.

What was the inspiration for your collection?

I started making different pieces at home, inspired by my intuition, if a girl asked me for a hat inspired by nature, I would design it based on what the customer asked me, listening to customers I interpret the collections.

What is the best time to create and design for you?

Generally at the first hour of the morning, like 5 or 6 in the morning, I have great ideas that never come to my mind again during the day. Before writing in a notebook, now with modernity I use the mobile phone, I register it.

Another source of inspiration is travel.

Travel enriches you a lot, when you travel abroad to different countries like the East, there is such a rich diversity of colors, they inspire you unwittingly, like Thailand and Vietnam, there I found an inexhaustible source of ideas. Morocco and all the Arab countries with dyes, where they make silk, even with spices, all this is a source of inspiration.

What advice do you give to someone who is pursuing a career in design?

One piece of advice I give everyone is to be yourself, believe what you are, trust yourself, get up in the morning looking in the mirror and say: I'm worth it, I can.

Ph: Elías Fersan

Model: Viviana Greco

Maquillaje: Camberlan

Tocados y sombreros: Mar Cano

Muchas gracias al ayuntamiento de Granada, at Carmen de los Mártires.

Realized by Viviana Greco for the Mujeres Divinas web site.

26 August 2016